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Elevate Your Life with Empowerment Hiking

Updated: Apr 28

The power of Hiking for Physical Health and personal Growth

Empowerment. Hiking. Coach
Empowerment Hiking For Health

From the first trail I explored to the hundreds that have followed, my life has been a testament to the power of embracing the journey—both the paths we walk and the ones we pave in our lives.

Transformations on the Trail

Through my diverse life experiences, I've learned that the most profound transformations often occur when we challenge ourselves physically and mentally in the expansive playgrounds of nature. These revelations have reshaped my personal path and now anchor the philosophy behind my coaching—turning trials into trails.

The Empowerment Hiking Experience

To me, hiking is more than just exercise; it's a sanctuary where I've found strength, clarity, focus, resilience, and determination. The challenges of the trail mirror those of life, with each step teaching us vital lessons about growth and perseverance.

As I began guiding my clients on these natural paths, I was awestruck by the significant progress and transformations that unfolded. This led me to ponder: What if the revitalizing challenge of a hike could be paired with the transformative power of coaching to help even more people break free from their emotional and physical constraints?

My Mission

Many people struggle with overwhelming emotions due to stress, unresolved traumas, or a lack of coping skills, often resorting to buffering with food, alcohol, or excessive work. These behaviors lead to unhealthy habits, unsatisfying relationships, and, ultimately, chronic health issues.

In response, my mission as a nurse and coach is to offer a healthier, more constructive alternative through the power of hiking and nature engagement. Hiking not only improves physical health but also bolsters emotional resilience, providing a reflective, healing environment. By merging the therapeutic effects of nature with professional coaching, I strive to help individuals escape the cycle of emotional struggle and embrace a life of empowerment and deeper connection with themselves and the natural world.

The Path We Walk

My unique approach combines the physical challenges of hiking with personalized coaching, empowering you to overcome personal obstacles and achieve health goals, thereby unlocking new levels of achievement. With me, a hike is more than a walk through nature—it's a strategic journey through life, fortified by the resilience and clarity gained from our collective experiences on the trail.

Curious to Learn More?

I stand at the trailhead of an empowering adventure, inviting you to join me. Whether you're seeking to enhance your physical health, personal growth, or both, I am here to guide and support you every step of the way. This path is where empowerment meets adventure, and each peak we conquer not only strengthens our bodies but also enriches our spirits, enhancing the fulfillment of this incredible journey we call life.


Jenna Jahnz, MSN, RN

Certified Men's Health & Life Coach

Empowerment Hiking Coach

Independent OPTAVIA Coach

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