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Your Growth with Holistic Wellness

  • Prevent Chronic Health Conditions

  • Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss

  • Build Mental & Physical Strength

  • Find Balance and Longevity

  • Boost Energy Naturally

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Walk with me

Welcome to a new level of holistic wellness coaching. Experience the transformative power of my unique 'Walk with Me' method. is a personalized experience designed to prevent chronic health conditions, enhance your physical strength, sharpen your mental clarity, and promote longevity. Together, we will empower you to achieve peak performance and elevate your life, one step at a time.

Jenna Jahnz, MSN, RN Health & Life Coach

Jenna Jahnz, MSN, RN, Certified Men's Health & Life Coach

Why Walk With Me?

As a nurse and hiking enthusiast, I blend medical knowledge with a passion for holistic health. Our sessions are designed to prevent chronic diseases, enhance physical and mental health, and drive personal growth.


As your dedicated accountability partner, I will keep you motivated and focused, helping you confidently achieve your holistic wellness and lifestyle goals.

Flexible scheduling options including morning, afternoon, and some weeknights. Virtual options available for comprehensive holistic wellness coaching.

Woodland Path

No matter where you are on your personal journey or where you live, there are options for everyone to embrace holistic wellness with me. Whether you prefer walking the trails together or joining virtually, I am committed to accommodating your unique needs and preventing chronic health conditions through comprehensive wellness strategies.

Jenna Jahnz is a game-changer!
In just two months, she's helped me shed pounds, feel better, and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Her support is unmatched, and I couldn't be happier with the results. If you're looking to make a positive change in your life,
Jenna is the one to contact!

Brian S.

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Jenna jahnz, MSN, RN Certified Health & Life Coach

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