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Setting Summer Intentions

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Summer is the perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments and set new goals

Summer, marking the halfway point of the year, is the perfect time for some serious self-reflection.

Pause, take a moment, and mindfully acknowledge all the incredible things you've accomplished thus far.

I urge you to dedicate some well-deserved time to jot down or review your achievements in your career, health, fitness, finances, relationships, home, and any other areas where you've succeeded.

Embrace the wins, let them sink in, and truly feel the pride that resides within you for these triumphs!

Setting Summer Intentions
Setting Summer Intentions

Once you've expressed gratitude for your hard work and hustle, it's time to evaluate what MORE you want to conquer.

What goals do you still yearn to crush?

What intentions can you set for the remaining six months that will catapult you closer to crafting a life that aligns with your passions and desires?

Don't hold back – be brutally honest with yourself.

Approach these aspirations with curiosity and an open mind.

Write them down in a place where you'll frequently encounter them, serving as a constant reminder and motivator.

And here's the final piece: Connect deeply with your "why."

Get in touch with the emotions and logic behind your ambitions.

When you establish a strong bond between your aspirations and your core motivations, you become unstoppable!

Starting today, set those summer intentions.

summer intentions to consider

  1. Where do I want to travel to? Near or far.

  2. What experiences do I want to have? Big and small.

  3. What house projects do I want to tackle?

  4. Which account do I want to pay down or save up?

  5. How many state parks do I want to hike at?

  6. What better food can I grow, cook, and eat?

  7. What new hobbies or skills do I want to explore?

  8. What books or educational materials do I want to read or study?

  9. How can I prioritize self-care and enhance my overall well-being?

  10. What connections and quality time do I want to cultivate with loved ones?

  11. What steps can I take to enhance my personal or professional development?

  12. How can I contribute to my community through volunteering or acts of kindness?

  13. What adventures or thrilling activities do I want to engage in?

  14. What creative projects or artistic pursuits do I want to immerse myself in?

With Much Appreciation,

Jenna Leigh XO


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